Cotton On Body: Activewear, Tried, Tested & Spa it Girl Approved

image credits: Matthew Gianoulis

Spa it Girl loves her Activewear and is always on the hunt for Beautiful, Feel Good Activewear that is also comfortable when working out in and affordable to buy too.

She has been wearing activewear ever since she started teaching old school Aerobics at the age of 18 fast forward 22 years and she still loves to move because it makes her feel good and she loves to inspire other girls, women to feel good too through being Active and Living a Healthy, Happy Inspiring life.

Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl has officially tried, tested and Spa it Girl Approved: Cotton On Body Activewear and shares that she: “jogged in it, practiced yoga in it, did star jumps in it, stretched in it, you named it she did it and after everything she threw at her Cotton On Body Activewear outfit that she is wearing in these photos she couldn’t fault it.

“It felt so comfortable on, it empowered her to want to work out and every time she looked down other Cotton On Body Activewear it made me feel good from within and that’s what she said wearing activewear should be: functional, comfortable, feel good and beautiful.

It’s important to feel comfortable when working out and one of the best ways to stay motivated during the colder months is by wearing beautiful feel good activewear like Cotton On Body.

To celebrate: Cotton On Body activewear being now Spa it Girl tried, tested and approved we have a special discount promo code for you which is Cotton On Body: ACTIVE PANTS – Buy 2 or more save 30%.PROMO CODE: ACTIVEPANTS or Shop Cotton On Online

image credits: Matthew Gianoulis